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A List of 10’s

I still have a couple more blog posts, but my internet is not allowing picture upload so I’ll get on with the text only ones. I love a list and that is the basis for my reflection on my last week here,A List of 10’s
This last blog post before I head home is a reflection and summary of my experiences good and bad here – 10 things I’ll miss, 10 things I definitely won’t and 10 things I’m looking forward to…

10 Things I’ll miss about Ethiopia
1. Predictable daily sunshine
2. The wonderful staff in OR at Axum St Mary Hospital
3. Doro Wot (Ethiopian Chicken Curry)
4. Actually injera (although it looks like carpet underlay, apparently it’s the new superfood)
5. Children being so excited to see you on the street that they run after you want to shake your hand or just continually shout ‘ferenji’.
6. Managing on £100 per month
7. More livestock on the street than people – it’s just amusing.
8. St George Beer for 10 Birr (70p) a pint
9. Not doing nightshifts
10. Taking real pleasure in getting treats such as mail from home, or finding a decent wine or cheese.
10 Thing’s I will not miss about Ethiopia
1. Ferenji prices. If you have white skin it means you have to pay more for everything including food in restaurants and public transport. Just because.
2. Power cuts
3. Being shouted at constantly on the streets – ‘hey you, give me money!’ or indeed by young Ethiopian men who have an innate sense of supreme self-confidence. I think this must be how celebrities feel 😉
4. Minibus journeys crammed in with other people, some on jerry cans for seats on terrifying roads.
5. Twin prop airplanes
6. Having to hand wash all my clothes, it’s so hard!
7. Terrible water pressure; I think I still have conditioner in my hair from 2 months ago.
8. Flies
9. The belief that anaesthesia is not a real medical specialty (although that one is not specific to Ethiopia).
10. Being quiet in the OR as I don’t understand a word anyone is saying (for anyone who has worked with me you’ll understand; particularly one consultant who commented in an MSF ‘she is very vocal in theatre, not that this is a criticism…’)

10 things I’m really looking forward to back home (other than the obvious of family and friends)
1. Washing machine
2. Decent shower (see above)
3. Haircut
4. My own bed
5. Nice white wine
6. The NHS
7. The sea/lochs
8. Unlimited internet
9. Cheese
10. Seafood
11. Planning a wedding – eek!
Oh well slightly over at 11…